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ChEMBL version:17
Data points:19'523'709
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Welcome to the SwissBioisostere database

This website provides access to our knowledgebase of molecular replacements, useful for compound optimization in drug design.

Two different queries are possible:

  • you are interested in a range of possible replacements for a single substructure
    e.g. replacements for an amide group )
  • you want to know details about a particular substructural replacement of interest
    e.g. carboxylic acid vs. tetrazole )

Depending on your question, please enter either one or two substructures of interest in the following molecular sketchers. By submitting via "Query Database" the database will be queried.

For a replacement A->B query, please indicate attachment points in your substructures by R-groups R1-R3.

Examples can be found here.

Fragment 1Fragment 2

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